Biggest Icons Resource You Can Use For Free

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As a web developer / UI designer, Icons plays a biggest role in interaction with users. It helps to make our websites and apps more visually appealing, navigable, and engaging.
Icons are useful precisely because they are universal symbols. In many cases, icons can even replace text entirely.

During the development you may not have time to create your icon, This article will save your time as I’ve already researched some best places where you can find all the icons you are needed.

In this article I have explored the biggest icons library where you will not need for other libraries, You can get all your stuffs at one place. You can get images in different popular formats.

1. Icons 8

Icons8 140,000+ pixel-perfect icons in 33 popular styles in one application for Web, Windows, and Mac. Pick any icon you need. Choose any color and size. Drag-and-drop it to any design tool.
All the icons are customizable and consistent. Available in many sizes and formats:

Licence: Use for free with credit
Price: Free & Paid

2. Flaticon

Flaticon is one of the most used things in almost every website I deliver, whether be it practice or a client’s job. It has updated icons that look very nice and smart on any kind of website. And when it comes to vector graphics, I personally believe they have the best vector graphics compared to other alternatives.

Format: PNG/ SVG/ EPS/ PSD/ BASE 64
Licence: Use for free with credit
Price: Free (png)& Paid(other formats)

3. Freepik

Freepik is a collection of design resources, including stock photos, vectors and PSD files and icons for designers. The site is packed with tools to make your design life that much easier.

The things that make Freepik so usable include easy search. Pop open the filters menu and narrow down resources to find just what you need by category, license, and even shape or color. (You can also use the search bar, but the filter set is great for brainstorm browsing.)

Format: Vector/ Stock/ PSD/ PNG
Licence: Use for free
Price: Free & Premium

4. Iconscout

Iconscout is one of the fastest growing icon marketplaces. Iconscout offers 7,40,000+ free and premium icons, which includes different icon styles including Flat, Line, Solid, Filled-outline, Hand-drawn, etc.

Format: PNG/ Drawing
Licence: Use for free
Price: Free & Premium

5. Font Awesome

Available as a single font that features almost 1,500 icons, Font Awesome offers a flexible icon solution to designers. The icons can easily be modified using CSS attributes, and they’re designed to work seamlessly on a variety of frameworks. Every icon is a vector graphic, which means that designers also have infinite control over icon size and scalability. These icons don’t require JavaScript, which means that they’re free of the compatibility issues that some icon sets face. Animated icons and icons designed for use in lists are also included.

Format: CSS Attributes/ HTML Classes
Licence: Use for free
Price: Free

Summary !

In this article, We’ve choosen best recognized sites across the web in icons library resources. On the day freepik and font awesome are being very popular but you have to choose the icons pack based on your project. In the future on request, we will keep updating this article with best icons library resources.

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