Software Engineering MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)

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In this article, we are going to discuss the most commonly asked multiple-choice questions related to Software Engineering.
The primary purpose of writing this article is to target competitive exams and interviews. Here, we will cover all the frequently asked Software Engineering questions with the correct choice of answer among various options.

1) What is the first step in the software development lifecycle
  • System Design
  • Coding
  • System Testing
  • Preliminary Investigation and Analysis ☑
2) Which of the following is involved in the system planning and designing phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?
  • Sizing
  • Parallel run
  • Specification freeze
  • All of the above ☑
3) Compilers, Editors software come under which type of software?
  • System software ☑
  • Application software
  • Scientific software
  • None of the above
4) Which of these software engineering activities are not a part of software processes ?
  •  Software development
  •  Software dependence ☑
  •  Software validation
  •  Software specification
5) The fundamental notions of software engineering does not account for ?
  •  Software Security
  •  Software reuse
  •  Software processes
  •  Software Validation ☑
6) SDLC stands for
  •  System Development Life cycle
  •  Software Design Life Cycle
  •  Software Development Life Cycle ☑
  •  System Design Life Cycle
7) The spiral model was originally proposed by –
  •  Barry Boehm ☑
  •  Pressman
  •  Royce
  •  Pressman
8) If you were to create client/server applications, which model would you go for?
  •  Concurrent Model ☑
  •  Spiral Model
  •  WINWIN Spiral Model
  •  Incremental Model
9) RAD stands for
  • Relative Application Development
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Rapid Application Document ☑
  • None of the mentioned
10) RAD Model has
  • 2 phases
  • 3 phase
  • 5 phases ☑
  • 6 phases
11) What is a Software ?
  • Software is set of programs
  • Software is documentation and configuration of data
  • Software is set of programs, documentation & configuration of data ☑
  • None of the mentioned
12) Which of these does not account for software failure ?
  • Increasing Demand
  • Low expectation
  • Increasing Supply ☑
  • Less reliable and expensive
13) What are attributes of good software ?
  • Software maintainability
  • Software functionality
  • Software development
  • Software maintainability & functionality ☑
14) Which of these is incorrect ?
  • Software engineering belongs to Computer science
  • Software engineering is a part of more general form of System Engineering
  • Computer science belongs to Software engineering ☑
  • Software engineering is concerned with the practicalities of developing and delivering useful software
15) Select the incorrect statement: “Software engineers should
  • not knowingly accept work that is outside your competence.”
  • not use your technical skills to misuse other people’s computers.”
  • be dependent on their colleagues.” ☑
  • maintain integrity and independence in their professional judgment.”
16) Efficiency in a software product does not include ________
  • responsiveness
  • licensing ☑
  • memory utilization
  • processing time
17) The reason for software bugs and failures is due to
  • Software companies
  • Software Developers
  • Both Software companies and Developers ☑
  • All of the mentioned
18) Company has latest computers and state-of the- art software tools, so we shouldn’t worry about the quality of the product.
  • True
  • False ☑
19)Which one of the following is not an Evolutionary Process Model?
  • WINWIN Spiral Model
  • Incremental Model
  • Concurrent Development Model
  • All of the mentioned ☑
20) What is the major advantage of using Incremental Model?
  • Customer can respond to each increment
  • Easier to test and debug
  • It is used when there is a need to get a product to the market early
  • Easier to test and debug & It is used when there is a need to get a product to the market early ☑
21) Process models are described as agile because they
  • Eliminate the need for cumbersome documentation
  • Emphasize maneuverability and adaptability ☑
  • Do not waste development time on planning activities
  • Make extensive use of prototype creation
22) Which of these terms are level names in the Capability Maturity Model?
  • Performed
  • Repeated
  • Reused
  • Optimized
  • both a and d ☑
23) The best software process model is one that has been created by the people who will actually be doing the work.
  • True ☑
  • False
24) Which of these are standards for assessing software processes?
  • SEI
  • ISO 9000
  • ISO 9001
  • both b and d ☑
25) The waterfall model of software development is
  • A reasonable approach when requirements are well defined. ☑
  • A good approach when a working program is required quickly.
  • The best approach to use for projects with large development teams
  • An old fashioned model that is rarely used any more
26) The incremental model of software development is
  • A reasonable approach when requirements are well defined. ☑
  • A good approach when a working core product is required quickly.
  • The best approach to use for projects with large development teams
  • A revolutionary model that is not used for commercial products.
27) The component-based development model is
  • Only appropriate for computer hardware design
  • Not able to support the development of reusable components.
  • Dependent on object technologies for support. ☑
  • Not cost effective by known quantifiable software metrics
28) Software engineers collaborate with customers to define which of the following?
  • Customer visible usage scenarios
  • Important software features
  • System inputs and outputs
  • All of the above ☑
29) Which of the following activities is not one of the four things that need to be accomplished by the generic planning task set?
  • Develop overall project strategy
  • Identify the functionality to deliver in each software increment
  • Create a detailed schedule for the complete software project ☑
  • Devise a means of tracking progress on a regular basis
30)The rapid application development model is
  • Another name for component-based development
  • A high speed adaptation of the linear sequential model. ☑
  • A useful approach when a customer cannot define requirements clearly.
  • All of the above.
31)  Which of the following are tasks in the generic task set for construction?
  • Build a software component
  • Create a user interface
  • Unit test the component
  • Assess the quality of the component
  • both a and c ☑
32) Every communication activity should have a facilitator to make sure that the customer is not allowed to dominate the proceedings
  • True
  • False ☑
33) One reason to involve everyone on the software team in the planning activity is to
  • adjust the granularity of the plan
  • control feature creep
  • get all team members to “sign up” to the plan ☑
  • understand the problem scope
34) Requirements models depict software in which three domains?
  • architecture, interface, component
  • cost, risk, schedule
  • information, function, behavior ☑
  • None of the above
35) Which of the following is not one of the principles of good coding?
  • Create unit tests before you begin coding
  • Create unit tests before you begin coding
  • Refractor the code after you complete the first coding pass ☑
  • Write self-documenting code, not program documentation
36) The system specification describes the
  • Function, performance and constraints of a computer-based system ☑
  • implementation of each allocated system
  • element software architecture
  • time required for system simulation
37) The best way to conduct a requirements validation review is to
  • examine the system model for errors
  • have the customer look over the requirements
  • send them to the design team and see if they have any concerns
  • use a checklist of questions to examine each requirement ☑
38) The use of traceability tables helps to
  • debug programs following the detection of run-time errors
  • determine the performance of algorithm implementations
  • identify, control, and track requirements changes ☑
  • none of the above
39)  Which of following is not a UML diagram used creating a system analysis model?
  • activity diagram
  • class diagram
  • dataflow diagram ☑
  • state diagram
40) Which of the following is not one of the context-free questions that would be used during project inception?
  • What will be the economic benefit from a good solution?
  • Who is behind the request for work?
  • Who will pay for the work? ☑
  • Who will use the solution?

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